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Lasting Impressions of Tulsa is offering a brand new service to our Couples. See what’s offered in the Wedding Wish Kit: 



¨    90 minute evaluation – You tell us where you are in the planning stage and we’ll tell you what’s next.

¨    To do list – A comprehensive list and timeline for keeping you on track for the wedding.

¨    What is your dream wedding? – We will help you determine what is most important for you so that your day is as magical as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

¨    Realistic budget – We’ll tell you what you can expect to spend on the dream.

¨    Custom preferred vendor packet – With a decade of experience in weddings and events, we know the best of the best and we’ll tell you which vendors we believe will complete your day.  (five categories max)

¨    All for $299


Best of all, if you book a Lasting Impressions of Tulsa wedding, we’ll apply this expense to your wedding! Schedule your consultation today.





One of a kind weddings are what we do. At Lasting Impressions, no two weddings are alike – just as no two brides have the same dreams.

Design is our specialty but a gorgeous wedding is irrelevant if you, your mom/fiancé/best friend are too stressed by the time the day arrives. We’ll set it all up while you're enjoying your day and take it down while you start your life together.

Trust Lasting Impressions for unprecedented style, attention to detail and absolute coordination of your wedding. Contact us for information about how we can assist you.

It is never too late to ask for help. Lasting Impressions offers Solutions to fit all situations from the DIY bride to the last minute, crisis management “help me” call. Check out descriptions of our programs or make your own!

Wedding Packages

 not for the faint

We recently counted 85 'how to' wedding books at a local book store. And that doesn't include all the magazines for brides, or The Knot or Wedding Decisions or any other countless DIY sites on the web.


Many of those are fine research and 'idea' kickstarters to get you both on the road to planning the most important day of your life together. But do you really want to spend the last week before your wedding calling each and every vendor to verify the time, place and last minute instructions? Wedding planning isn't for the faint hearted! Read on to discover what it takes to plan the Wedding of Your Dreams . . . Do You?

Do You?



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